IP rights journals

You can track the progress of IP right applications, check publication events and get other timely information from our official journals.

What are journals?

We publish an official journal for trade marks, patents, design rights and plant breeder's rights.

Each journal contains details of an IP right application at the different stages of the registration and grant process, including:

  • Acceptance date
  • Grant date
  • Amendments made
  • Notification of when it's open to public inspection
  • Lapses.

This can be helpful if you need to provide evidence of the date something was published.

How to access journals

You can search the journals for details on current and past IP right applications.

Trade marks journal 

The Australian Official Journal of Trade Marks is updated daily. The online journal contains editions from 12 November 2018 to now.

Older editions published before 12 November 2018 are available for download.

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Patents journal

The Australian Official Journal of Patents is issued weekly.

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Design rights journal

The Australian Official Journal of Designs is issued fortnightly.

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Plant breeder's rights journal

The Australian Plant Varieties Journal is issued quarterly.

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Official notices

We publish official notices in relation to administrative legal processes affecting IP rights including reforms, requests made by third parties, and amendments to certain Acts.