How to convert my application

In some circumstances, you may choose to convert your patent application from one type to another. Here's what options are available.  

Why should I convert my application?

Converting your application from one type to another can:

  • Help progress your application
  • Give you more time to overcome issues
  • Help you achieve patent protection (if converting from a provisional).

Keep in mind that if your new application type is more expensive than what you've currently applied for, you'll need to pay the cost difference.

If you need help deciding what's best for your application, you may be eligible for our free patent case manager service, or you can engage an IP attorney for advice.

Convert a standard application

A standard patent application can be converted to:

1. A provisional application if:

  • The request to convert is made between the filing date of the standard patent application and the earliest of these dates:
    • 12 months from the filing date, before the application is accepted
    • 3 weeks before its publication.

2. An innovation patent application if:

  • The request to convert is made before the acceptance of the standard patent application
  • The standard patent application must have been filed on or before 25 August 2021. Standard patent applications filed after that date can't be converted to innovation patent applications.