Professional resources

We offer a range of resources for intellectual property (IP) professionals, including IP journals, research and examination manuals.  

Official IP journals

We regularly publish the details of new IP right applications in our trade mark, patent, design and plant breeder's rights journals. You can use the journals to monitor the progress of a new application, including the dates of:

  • Acceptance
  • Grant
  • When it's open for public inspection.

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Examination manuals

If you're an IP professional, our examination manuals can help you and your clients understand how our examiners interpret and apply legislation to applications. Each manual includes:

  • The current practice for the examination process
  • Relevant legislation that will be applied. 

View our examination manuals

Interactive Variety Description System

As a Qualified Person, you'll need to use the Interactive Variety Description System (IVDS) to enter descriptions of plant varieties during the plant breeder's right application process.


IP data, research and reports

From IP trend and data analysis to leading reports, we regularly release research and publications to help understand and drive the growth of IP in Australia.

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Bulk IP data

If you're interested in trade marks and patents trends over time, you can access backfiles of:

  • Trade marks data
  • Patent bibliographic data
  • Patent specifications data.

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Application programming interfaces

If your firm handles a high volume of IP right applications, our application programming interfaces (APIs) allow your system's software to connect directly with ours.

How APIs work

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Publications and reports

We prepare and share our research findings in relation to emerging and current technologies and processes, issues affecting IP and other matters, in our publications and reports. Review our most recent work here. 


Patent analytics

We offer detailed analytics services to help researchers and policy makers make informed, data-driven decisions.  

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Open IP data

Our research and data initiatives are supported by publicly accessible data that provides historical details of Australian intellectual property (IP) rights.