Manage my IP

Once you've registered your IP (intellectual property), it's up to you to manage and maintain it.

Top tips for managing IP

  • Renew

    1. Renew on time

    IP protection lasts for a specified period of time — which varies for each type of IP. To make sure you're still protected, renew your registration before it lapses.

  • Person

    2. Keep your details up to date

    Make sure your, or your agent's contact details are up to date, so you don't miss important notices from us.

  • Enforce

    3. Enforce your rights

    It’s your responsibility to enforce your IP rights and deter infringement. Sometimes, this could involve taking legal action. IP rights are most effective when you enforce them with a proactive infringement strategy.

  • Top tips

    4. Indicate you have IP protection

    Once you register a trade mark, you can legally use the '®' symbol next to it. This notifies others that the IP is legally, and exclusively, yours to use. Similarly, if you have a registered plant breeder's right (PBR), you should display our PBR symbol next to your variety name.

  • Invoices

    5. Beware of unofficial invoices

    We'll send you notices and invoices to your online services account. Before you make any payments for your IP rights, make sure they're from IP Australia or your trusted attorney.

Need help managing your IP?

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