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Use of our content

You can use most of the content on our website under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. As long as you attribute it properly, you're free to:

  • Copy and share our content in any medium or format
  • Adapt it for any purpose.

To attribute our content, you'll need to:

What isn't permitted

You can't make direct copies of any pages on this website and display them on another website.

How to treat third party content

The following content isn't covered by the Creative Commons licence and is owned by third parties:

  • The Commonwealth Coat of Arms
  • Our corporate logo
  • Photographs of our staff and premises
  • Content provided by third parties, including:
    • photographs
    • logos
    • drawings
    • written descriptions of patents and designs.

When using third party content on our website, we've made all reasonable efforts to:

  • Obtain the third party's consent when using their material
  • Clearly indicate when copyright is owned by a third party.

If you'd like to re-use material from third parties, you may need to get their permission.

Further resources

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