Trade marks

Understand how a trade mark can support your business' success, and how to apply for one.

How to apply for a trade mark

A step-by-step guide for registering your trade mark.

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    1. Decide if you have a trade mark

    Is a trade mark the right type of IP to protect your idea?

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    2. Search existing trade marks

    Make sure your idea is unique and isn't already registered.

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    3. Understand costs and timings

    Make sure you understand how long it takes to register a trade mark and the costs involved.

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    4. File your application

    Follow our step-by-step guide to prepare and submit an Australian trade mark application. Then, log in to online services to apply.

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    5. See the outcome

    We'll examine your application and let you know the outcome. If there's an issue with your application, you may be able to resolve it with the appropriate response.

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Lucas Bikowski of SEO Shark®, shares insights into protecting your brand and navigating the trade mark application process.

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The importance of Chinese language trade marks

31 July 2017 | 2 MIN READ

In China, the Chinese language version of your brand can be just as important as the English language version, as winemaker Penfolds® discovered. 

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DesignByThem: IP and design

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Here's how DesignByThem use trade marks and design rights for their unique products.