Our customer promise

As part of our commitment to creating a world-leading IP system, customers are the core of everything we do. Our customer service charter outlines our customer commitment.

Our customer service charter

Our customer service charter outlines the level of service customers can expect and the importance of feedback to ensure we continue to provide high levels of service.

What customers can expect

You can expect us to provide the following services.

  • A customer-centric experience

    Customers are at the centre of our decisions, actions, processes and products. We're always looking for better ways to support and engage with you.

  • Accessibility and inclusivity

    We design and deliver products and services to support everyone. This includes ensuring information is easy to understand and access.

  • High standards and timely delivery

    We're committed to delivering high quality products and services in an efficient, timely manner.

  • Responsive to your needs

    We respond promptly to customer enquiries and provide accurate, consistent and up-to-date information.

  • Respectful and honest

    We're open, honest and accountable when you interact with us. We treat all customers with courtesy and respect and value individual circumstances and culture.

  • Seeking and responding to feedback

    We're committed to ensuring all feedback is taken seriously, handled efficiently, fairly and confidentially. We use insights from our customers to drive improvements in service delivery, quality and overall satisfaction.

Applications processed fairly and quickly 

Applications are assessed according to IP legislative requirements. If we can't certify or grant your application, we'll explain why and give you a chance to provide additional information to support it.

How you can help us

Your insight and experience helps ensure we continue to provide high levels of service.

You can help us by:

  1. using our online services portal and resources when doing business with us
  2. providing timely and accurate information to make sure we fully support your IP needs
  3. working with us to resolve any issues you experience
  4. treating us with courtesy and respect.

Let us know how we're doing

We're committed to maintaining a high level of customer service and ensuring customer needs are met. Your feedback provides valuable information to help us refine and improve our service.

Here are ways to provide feedback:

  • submit feedback via our online feedback form
  • call us at 1300 651 010
  • engage in our research activities, which help let us know what is working and what could be improved. This helps us to continue to meet your needs and expectations.

Our achievements

An overview of our performance against the customer service charter service level commitments are included in our annual report

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We're committed to creating an effective, efficient and accessible intellectual property (IP) system. Our service levels are guided by our customer commitments, so you know when to expect your request to be processed.  

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Manage my IP

Once you've registered your IP (intellectual property), it's up to you to manage and maintain it.

Customer research

By listening to what you think is working well, and what could be improved, we're using your insights to improve your experience with us. You can get involved by providing feedback, completing surveys and participating in user testing.